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Fall Favorites Bundle - Elegant Garden Design

Fall Favorites Bundle


43 Rusty Pieces Perfect for Fall!
Each bundle includes a window display frame perfect for showcasing your Fall Favorites.
You will also be able to choose your favorite set of 3 trees for FREE!
This sale only lasts until October 12th so hurry and get your bundle now!
By 2 or more and receive a free window frame and set of 3 trees with each bundle.


Bundle includes:

x1   Owl Plant Hanger (H263)
x1   Large Owl (B726-1)
x1   Screech Owl (B727)
x1   Quoth the Raven (B758)
x1   Raven (B731)
x1   Walking Cat - Stake (P430)
x1   Walking Cat - Tab (A204)
x1   Crow Looking Strait (B730)
x1   Crow Looking Back - XL (B736CL)
x1   Elk Pop-Up Pedestal (POP201)
x1   Deer Pop-Up Pedestal (POP202)
x1   Fawn Pop-Up Looking Straight (POP203)
x1   Fawn Pop-Up Looking Back (POP204)
x1   Skull & Crossbones Pick (P458)
x1   Pine Tree Pop-Up - Set of 3 (POP351)
x1   Fir Tree Pop-Up - Set of 3 (POP352)
x1   Spruce Tree Pop-Up - Set of 3 (POP353)
x1   Birch Tree Pop-Up - Set of 3 (POP355)
x1   Pine Tree Tab Mount - Set of 3 (PT351)
x1   Fir Tree Tab Mount - Set of 3 (PT352)
x1   Spruce Tree Tab Mount - Set of 3 (PT353)
x1   Birch Tree Tab Mount - Set of 3 (PT355)
x1   Bluebird on Maple Branch Ring (R212)
x1   Birch & Fawns 3-D Wall Art (WD903)
x1   Saw Whet Owl on Pine Branch (M422)
x1   Large Spider (A210)
x1   Small Spider (A211)

x1   FREE Tab-Mount Tree - Set of 3

- Your choice of Birch (PT355), Fir (PT352), Spruce (PT353), or Pine (PT351)
Please mention in the comments when placing your order which tree set you would like for your window frame.

x1   FREE Window Frame Display

- Window display frames may vary in size, color, and style.
Frames are shown with products for reference only and do not come with product pre-mounted on them. Frames are up-cycled windows that have been salvaged from old homes and building and may contain led paint.


Order online, call (360) 573-1055, send a fax in to (360) 573-0530, or send an email to ! Just be sure to mention "Fall Favorites"!

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